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The KOMP Device


A TV screen with only one button, perfect for keeping isolated, elderly members of the community connected with ease.

Designed to be simple and user friendly, the KOMP device can be set up in your front room and through it, you can keep in touch with friends and family on screen in real time.

You choose which of your friends and family you want to hear through the device. We give them a password and explain what they have to do at their end and off you both can go.

As a bonus, reminders to take medication, attend appointments or for anything else can also be set up on the device.


Terms and Conditions

You will be asked to sign a formal loan agreement prior to receiving the device. The loan agreement is a legal document, so please read it carefully and talk to your family before you sign it. Should you have any questions, please ask us before you sign it.

Once the agreement is signed, we will give you a copy to keep - please keep your copy of the agreement somewhere safe.

When you receive your KOMP device...

  • Please keep the KOMP device safe and secure.

  • Do not lend it to anyone else - it is for your use only.

  • If the device gets damaged or stops working, please tell us immediately.

There will be a monthly charge of £20 to be paid up front to cover the costs of a 6-month loan of a KOMP device. At the end of the loan period, we will come and collect the device.

Alternatively, you can rent your own KOMP device. For further details or to pursue this option, email: or call 0208 854 4466.

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