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Volunteers are essential to our work.  Quite simply, we could not deliver our much needed services and support without their help.

We always need and can use more volunteers.

You could choose to volunteer for any one of our projects or services with a regular commitment, or for a specific ‘one off’ piece of work.  We will provide the training and support you need to enable you to work safely alongside our staff and with our Members.  You will also receive out of pocket expenses, and references or evidence of work experience undertaken as required.

Volunteering is an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and make a real difference to the lives of members of the local Irish Community who are vulnerable, lonely or in need of support.

Whatever you choose to do, you know your skills and experience will be put to the best use possible.

For more information on becoming a volunteer, please contact:


T: 0208 854 4466

Be-A-Friend Scheme

Helping those who live alone, are housebound and aged 60 and over. Under the Scheme, a trained volunteer is introduced to an older person from the Irish Community who has requested contact.  The same volunteer visits each week, or at an agreed regular time, with a view to developing a friendship – having chats over a cup of tea, sharing news, playing cards or scrabble, or going for a walk to the local park.

Careful matching of interests and availability, and on-going support is provided by the Volunteer Manager.

We have many older clients who are lonely or isolated and would benefit from a visit from a volunteer.

Lunchclub Volunteers

Our Lunchclubs (and tea-cake Club) are tremendously popular, regular events providing a nutritious hot meal, and a friendly social environment for Members from across the Irish Community.

We are always looking for new volunteers to add to our banks of existing supporters to enable these important events to continue to happen, every lunchtime, every week, across the three boroughs.

Back Office Support and Short-Term Projects

Are you a whizz with databases?  Do you have a gift for marketing?  Have you experience of organising a hugely successful event at (almost) the drop of a hat? Whether at stuffing envelopes or as a stickler for proof-reading detail, whatever your skill, experience or interest, we would love to have you to call upon as a short term or expert volunteer.

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