Service Update


Telephone   0208 854 4466   



During this pandemic and while respecting the official guidance on social distancing and essential work, we will ensure that we are able to respond quickly to your calls and email messages.

We are operating reduced office hours from 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday. If the phone is engaged when you call, leave a message and we will call you back. Email us if that is easier for you.

Our priorities now are to keep in touch with you to make sure you are ok, that you have medicine, food and other essentials andthat you get a call from us regularly and as often as your needs require. If you need us to contact a GP for you we can do that.

If you live alone:

  • we can collect prescriptions or medicine if you do not have arrangements in place with your local pharmacy.

  • we can shop and deliver food & essential items to if you are not able to get out and you are running low on things

We will help you with claims for benefits and we will continue to track existing claims. We cannot do face to face meetings or home visits for the moment but we will complete forms over the phone and talk you through any questions you have when we send the forms to you to sign.

We will continue to offer the advice and support we have always provided and we will work to ensure that no member of our community is forgotten during this difficult time.

If you know of someone who is not currently known to us but you think they may need some help, call or email and give us their details and we will get in touch with them.