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Lunch Clubs... a message from our Chairman

I know that the decision to close the lunch clubs was a huge

blow to many of you. I know that the clubs were an important

part of your social lives. I know how much you miss them.

The Trustees had no choice but to do that back in March.

Keeping our members and our staff safe had to be their priority.


While some restrictions have been lifted and groups of people

can meet again these gatherings are still fraught with difficulty.


Social distancing rules mean we cannot sit 6 of you at a table and no one wants to come to a lunch club laid out like classrooms from your childhood where you sit in your seat and stay there.


We are looking at all the possible ways we can bring people together socially in safety and with confidence we are not putting anyone at risk. 

It would help us to know your views about the lunch clubs and what you think we should be working towards.


Thank you, 
Patrick Burns
Chair of Trustees



Every year Irish Community Service’s team staff and volunteers provide over 11,000 lunches to older members of the Irish community.

Our lunch clubs are about so much more than providing a healthy and affordable meal for elderly people. It’s where older people can come together and meet and make new friend, to see old ones, and to socialise.

Many of our clients are bereaved and lonely. The loss of their partner is compounded by a loss of independence and confidence, as many elderly people are unable or no longer able to drive. For them, our lunch clubs are a lifeline out of loneliness and isolation, and a way back into friendships, support and a sense of community.

Everyone sits together to eat, with the meal bingo followed by activities such as bingo and raffles. The clubs also arrange day trips and events throughout the year, and key birthdays are marked and celebrated.

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