19 Mother's Day Ideas For the Mum-believable Women In Your Life

They really are the most selfless, loving beings, so of course we want to give them a special day to remember. However, that can prove slightly more difficult when every day for the past 2 months has felt almost identical. Nevertheless, we have a motherload of ideas to make Mother’s Day 2021 one like no mother.

Mother’s Day together…

We recognize it’ll still be an indoors affair, but here’s some more intimate suggestions for those of you who are able to be with your mother or grandmother this Mother’s Day:

  1. Take a virtual cooking or cocktail making class together… or both! - Just maybe do the cooking class first, it’s probably best that you aren’t handling knives and hot stoves 5 cocktails deep!

  2. Set up a home cinema - grab her favourite snacks, her favourite film- or perhaps try a new one- snuggle up with blankets and have a movie day.

  3. Get artsy and create your own ‘Sip & Paint’ or candle making class - all you need for the Sip & Paint is some wine or prosecco, some paints, brushes and blank canvases from Poundland or to really personalise the experience, you can order a custom canvas of a picture of your choice to paint

  4. Indulge her with a pamper-spa day and afternoon tea - once again, premade pamper and afternoon tea packages can be ordered online or, to personalise it, order the afternoon tea stand off Amazon and fill it with mum’s favourite snacks. (Don't forget to choose ICS as your AmazonSmile charity!)

  5. The classic breakfast in bed - a staple Mother’s Day treat that predates lockdown-lifestyle with its cosiness, thoughtfulness, and simplicity.

6. Unwind with a virtual yoga class - there’s a ton on YouTube.

7. Bring the nail salon home - get out the nail varnishes and clippers and give each other mani-pedis.

8. Go on a walk, hike, or bike ride together along a scenic route.

9. Do whatever her favourite hobbies are - it’s called Mother’s Day for a reason so try some of their favourite things.

10. Have a Games Night - get out the board games, or download some game apps (Trivia Royale, Heads Up, Song Quiz etc.) and let’s see mum’s competitive side.

If you’re spending Mother’s Day apart…

Should you be unable to be with your mum or grandma this Mother’s Day, you needn’t worry. There are still a ton of ways you can make her day special.

  1. Make a scrapbook or video montage of all your special memories and have it delivered.

  2. Peruse around on a virtual global museum tour - be transported to Italy see the Vatican or fly your mind to France and visit the Louvre.

  3. Bake her some homemade sweet treats and drop it off or, if you are too far, have some baked goods delivered to her home.

  4. Watch a virtual live show - every Thursday evening, London’s National Theatre release a ‘NT at Home’ show on YouTube that is free to stream for one week

  5. Play some brain games - pick up two crossword/puzzle books and get one to your mum/grandma, you keep the other one, get on videocall and do them together.

  6. Send flowers and a heartfelt card - another classic that is truly timeless and always appreciated.

  7. Gift convenience - cover your mums food shop for a week or so with e-gift cards to her go-to supermarket.

If you like the look of some of these virtual activities but your mother or grandmother is not so tech-literate, then get in touch about our KOMPs. They are user-friendly video calling devices that you control from your end, so all the owner needs to do is be sat in front of the camera.

For more details, contact Anne Ryan: eldersmanager@irishcommunityservices.org.uk

For older mothers and grandmothers who suffer from, or at risk of developing dementia…

  1. Create a personalised photo calendar filled with pictures of special moments for your loved one to reminisce and to engage their memories. You can put personal dates such as birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar as well as appointments and other things to remember to help them keep track of the days.

  2. Similar to the calendar, you can create a custom photo book by adding text to photos for them to peruse. This is great for mental stimulation and memory activation for those suffering from or at risk of developing dementia.

No matter what you do with or for your mum, nan, or maternal figure this Mother's Day, we hope you have a lovely Mothering Sunday. We understand that it will be hard for some who cannot see their loved ones, but we hope some of these ideas can ease that struggle for you. Until next time, mum’s the word!

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