2020: A Year That Will Not Be Forgotten

The year began like any other. On December 31st, 2019 we cheersed in the new year and, with this fresh start, came optimism and good spirits. Then on March 23rd 2020, COVID-19 changed everything. Uncertainty, doubt and worry swept the nation and left many fearful.

But when life gave us lemons, we made lemonade. Our slogan, keeping our community connected, couldn't have been more relevant this year and we did exactly that...

In May 2020, Irish Community Services welcomed Shauna Mulligan, our director, who really hit the ground running and has been absolutely brilliant these past months.

Fast forward to June when ICS launched its Community Online Project! For the past seven months, we have been hosting an array of online activities open to all to keep you connected, social and active.

In July we got our running shoes on and held our 50K relay race, raising over £3000! Usain Bolt needs to watch his back.

August saw restrictions ease and we used this as an opportunity to reunite our beloved choir group in the park.

In September, ICS celebrated its 36th birthday with the relaunch of our blog series! And every week since, we have been delivering a riveting read for you all.

Although it was short-lived, we were very happy to launch our tea cake clubs in October and then round off the month with our first ever Chit Chat Café which was an absolute success! We hope to host more events like this in the new year.

Restrictions tightened again in November, but this was not going to stop us from keeping our community connected! Thanks to donations from Morrisons and the Rainbow Group, we were able to deliver a handful of harvest hampers to our members.

And here we are in December 2020! We had to end the year with a bang of course and that we did with our #AConnectedChristmas campaign! We delivered hampers, wore crazy Christmas threads and more. Read all about it in detail in last week's post.

Now these are just a handful of the wonderful things we have done over the year and we couldn't have done it without you all and your unwavering support. The resilience and strength you have all shown over the year has been incredible and we applaud you all! Once again, thank you for your support and we hope that you have felt supported by us.

Until next time, here's to 2021!

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