8 Father's Day Gift Ideas That You Dadn't Thought Of

Is there anyone more difficult to buy for than a dad? This week’s blog is going to hopefully alleviate the yearly gift-stress that comes with Father’s Day and give you a present idea for your dad, grandad, or father figure outside of socks.

For the fancy Dads…

1. Evening on the town: let him get all dressed up and treat Dad to a fancy night out. Unfortunately, Father’s Day falls a few weeks short of when the restrictions allow theatre visits, however, all indoor and outdoor restaurants are currently open so pick his favourite and enjoy the evening.

2. Cuff links: a year ago, a gift like this could have been considered ironic where a lot of us were spending a strong 90% of our time in pyjamas. However- with things reopening from theatres to workplaces and more and events making gradual returns- this gift will certainly be appreciated.

For the sporty Dads…

3. Tickets to their favourite sports game: sporting events have returned and can be attended providing you follow all COVID-related rules and maintain social distancing, so why not take Dad out to a game of football, golf, cricket or whatever has him shouting at the TV normally.

4. Race car driving experience: let him channel his inner Lewis Hamilton at a supercar driving experience! There is a whole selection to choose from and Wowcher have some options available starting from £39.

For the sentimental Dads…

5. A personalised wallet: nothing says sentimental like gifts with a personalised touch. A wallet

is just one of many accessories that can be personalised online: a bracelet, a key chain, whatever he uses often- get creative with it!

6. Time together: the New York post took a survey asking a sample of fathers what they would like for Father’s Day and 49% said “a phone call from my kids”. It does not have to be a trip to the Shard but just taking Dad to the café, preparing a meal at home, or even just giving him a call if distance prohibits meeting up, will go a long way.

For the foodie Dads…

7. Chocolate hamper: if Dad’s got a sweet tooth, let him indulge it this Father’s Day and get him a selection of his absolute favourites. You can order hampers pre-made online or even put it together yourself.

For the Dads who swear they do not want anything…

8. Personalised socks: it’s a spin on the classic ‘socks for Father’s Day’ but this time, it will not just be ordinary socks- it’ll be socks with yours or their or anybody’s face plastered all over them! A good chuckle and warm toes all in one.

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of how to celebrate Father’s Day or perhaps even inspired a different idea! Until next time, good luck handling an entire day of uninterrupted ‘dad jokes’.

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