A COVID Poem #GuestPost

Kicking off our #ICSBeABlogger series, we have a very relatable poem from an anonymous author, summing up their experience with the coronavirus pandemic:

No birthday lunch for me,

Now, none for you.

Whatever are we coming to?

We can’t go here,

We can’t go there,

Because COVID’s lurking everywhere!

That Boris can’t seem to stick to a plan,

He’s becoming an unconvincing man,

Who’ll just shut us away forever, if he can.

So I guess we just have to all depend,

On keeping in touch with family and friends,

Until this awful period ends.

No visiting or having folk come by,

Just talk on the phone to keep the spirits high.

So let’s all stick together,

To bring each other cheer,

And hope like we’ve never hoped before,

That things will be better next year.

- Anonymous

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