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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Our slogan here at ICS is ‘Keeping Our Community Connected’. With restrictions on social gatherings and meeting people from other households returning to our lives, technology and digital platforms have an important role to play in keeping us connected to each other.

We are also keenly aware that not everyone has a smart phone, a computer, or tablet or laptop and some have never used the internet or surfed the web.

So, to help overcome this (some call it digital poverty) we have started a number of digital inclusion projects with the aim to provide something that is suitable for everyone.

KOMP Devices

The KOMP device is basically a TV screen with only one button. It is designed to be simple and user friendly. It can be set up in your front room and through it, you can keep in touch with friends and family on screen in real time. You can see and chat away with friends and family and still move around and do the things you are doing. No leads or wires to trip over, no handset to hold to your ear. You can finally shout at the TV!!

You get to choose which of your friends or family you want to see and hear through the device. We give them a password and explain what they have to do at their end and off you both can go. It's then between you and the person you want to be in touch with.

As a bonus, reminders to take medication, attend appointments or for anything else can also be set up on the device.

KOMP (can you tell it was a Norwegian idea?) is ideal for elderly people who are isolated and struggle with modern technology and, as a result, can be left feeling even more alone because so much of our modern world is based on the assumption that everyone is connected digitally. We know that is not he case for so many people. We have found that people who have been given the devices find it a great way to see and speak to family they have not seen for a long time – particularly where they live a long way away or abroad.

Our elderly users who have had the KOMP devices speak very highly of them and love the chance it gives them to chat, to have someone check in on them or just to feel they are in the same room as someone they have not seen in ages. No keyboards, no logging in, no password to remember, no waiting for the internet to speed up. No need even to have internet in your house because we thought of that and have fixed them, so they work whether you have a broadband connection or not.

If someone you know would benefit from having a KOMP device, please get in touch with Anne Ryan ( and while we have a waiting list for them, we will do everything we can to get one to you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Well, maybe not quite that fast, but we will do it quick as we can.

IT Lessons

We will soon be launching IT lessons every Monday and Wednesday at 12pm. The sessions will cover IT basics and also reflect your needs where we will be happy to guide you through any programme or website you are unsure of. If you would like to take part in these sessions, please get in touch via email: or give us a call on: 0208 854 4466

TechTalk Volunteers

If you would like some help getting online or have some questions about your laptop or tablet or smart phone that you would like support with, our experienced tech volunteers are here to help you with any and all questions you have. They will phone you and patiently talk you through any IT or connection problem and they won’t even have to come round to your house to do it.

Tablets for Loan

Do you need the loan of a tablet? We have tablets available - just give us a call or email us to book and arrange a collection or drop-off: 020 8854 4466


Keeping in touch with people is important at any time – more so with this pandemic disrupting our lives. If you feel that you or anyone you know could benefit from any of these services, please get in touch for more information or to take up one of the offers.

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