Get Ready To Be Swept Off Your Feet This Valentine's Day...

If you are without a Valentine this year, you needn’t worry. Consider ICS your Valentine because we have some things to share with you that you’re going to absolutely love.

Join us every week for our Good News Café: a Zoom session focused solely on good news and positivity. Watching the news nowadays can leave the mental worse for wear, so let’s make time to remind ourselves of, and celebrate, the positive things in life. Whether you’ve won the Euro-million or got an extra nugget in your McDonalds order, we want to hear it, so come along! Sign up by emailing or calling 0208 854 4466.

Looking for a new lockdown hobby? Or perhaps have a passion for writing? Maybe you just have something you want to share! We are opening our renowned blog page to you all to feature. It can be anything: fictional stories, poetry, anecdotes, recipes, think-pieces, whatever you can imagine up! If this is something you would like to take part in, call 0208 854 4466 or email

You don’t think we forgot about our beloved carers? Impossible! On the 24th February we are hosting ‘Caring for the Carers’- a morning video call session dedicated to the wellbeing of carers. In partnership with the wonderful team at Cross Roads Care SE London, we will be providing a morning of facts, fitness and fun. You must sign up before next Wednesday, 17th February so don’t miss out! Book your place (and get free resistance bands!) by emailing: or call: 0208 854 4466.

We hope you feel spoilt rotten with all these activities on offer. Like we always say, you are the heart of what we do. If there is anything you’d like to see that we do not offer, then get in touch and let us know. We’re all ears. Until next time, have a lovely Valentines Day and we hope to see you at some of these sessions.

P.S. a quick tip for the singles (or couples), if you wait until February 15th, you can get all the Valentines chocolate at a reduced price- thank me later.

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