I Tried Some Irish Dishes For The First Time

Working within an Irish organisation, I learn much about Irish culture and history all the time. It is truly so rich and expansive, and I wanted to immerse myself even more.

Now one of my favourite parts of any culture is the food. I am a massive foodie and feel that you can learn a lot about a place from its traditional dishes. Pair that with my new years’ resolution to try new things and bam- off out I went to get myself some classic Irish foods and give them a go!

My feast consisted of Irish stew, colcannon mash and soda bread. I had incredibly high expectations for the mash as the description sounded heavenly, I was unsure what to expect of the bread but remained optimistic and I had no clue what to expect for the stew as it was complete unchartered territory for me.

The colcannon mash was everything I imagined and more. It was so fluffy with notable, but not overwhelming, garlic tones and the cabbage complemented it wonderfully. This is a side dish I will most certainly be recommending and introducing in my meals from here on out. Although I was unsure what to expect with the Irish stew, it still certainly managed to surprise me! It was very hearty which is just what you need on these cold, winter evenings and went well with soda bread. The soda bread tasted like a healthier version of bread and I have been having it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner this past week! A great staple food that works in so many different contexts.

This only marks the beginning of my relationship with Irish food- I still have much I am looking forward to trying. Boxty, dexter beef, you name it- I’m coming for it! I also look forward to trying some sweet Irish treats and, of course, the world-renowned alcoholic drinks… that’s my weekend plans sorted!

What are your favourite Irish meals? I'd love to hear your recommendations and give them a try.

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