Third Time's The Charm!

Honestly, I cannot believe I am here writing another ‘coping with lockdown’ post, but here we are, in national lockdown number 3 and you would think we would be getting the hang of this by now, but each one is incredibly trying on the mental and physical state.

Although we are a couple weeks in now, we had Christmas to keep spirits high. However, now that the holiday buzz has officially worn off, you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs a bit and feeling similar to how you may have felt in prior lockdowns.

My biggest recommendation for navigating this lockdown and occupying your days would be to,

set yourself a challenge

Whether it be for a week, a fortnight, the whole month or more- try to implement a lifestyle change and see how you get on. For example, trying a new dish each week or reading for half an hour a day. Some challenges you will find harder than others- my ‘dry January’ challenge lasted all of 3 days, but, my running challenge is going strong! Do not put too much pressure on yourself, we are in a pandemic after all. It is simply to give you something to focus on so make sure the challenge you set yourself is enjoyable/manageable and you can perhaps even document your journey to look back on at the end.

The absolute freezing cold makes this lockdown arguably one of the toughest as it eliminates a lot of outdoor options but, if you are still looking to get out of the house, a walk through the park in winter is truly a lovely sight and the fresh air is honestly revitalising. Yes, you might need two pairs of gloves and about 30 layers, but what’s new! This isn’t our first rodeo.

Here at ICS, we have been consistently running our online community project since June which has seen major success and all of our activities plus more are now back so, if you have not already, be sure to check it out and get involved. There is something for everyone, from crocheting to online exercise and more. And if there is a class you would like to see that we do not offer, then get in touch- we’re all ears.

We are always here to chat or to assist you in any way we can from Monday – Friday 9am-5pm so do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call. If you do decide to set yourself a challenge, let us know how it goes by tweeting us @IrishCommServ. Until next time, happy lockdown and fingers crossed that this is the last blog post I write offering pass-times for a quarantine!

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