Advice & Health (Under 55's)... our new normal

In light of government guidelines surrounding coronavirus, we have had to convert to working and filling in forms online. Our 'Advice and Wellbeing' co-ordinator, Mary Kibisu, explains the nature of the changes to this service...

"Although this takes longer, it is manageable but as mentioned before, I just go by what I’ve been told but still prompt clients for more information in most cases.   All the services are now provided online/on phone.


There was the face to face contact with service users and volunteers at the outreach project which kept the ICS connected to another voluntary organisation that had a number of referrals to for the homeless and advice.  I have kept in touch with the WSUP online by email.  Although they are open for takeaway food for the homeless, there isn’t any social gathering and they are still referring people to us.


For the cancer self help group, I have managed to have one zoom session with them and half of them don’t have the facilities.  This is proving to be difficult but we are hoping to have our next session in October. I have organised for a presenter from McMillan’s to give us an update on any new developments.


As I work with under 55s, Groundwork UK are accepting referrals from us for a horticultural course offered by them for the under 25’s.  ICS’s first referral being submitted once all information is collected, which should be soon.


There is an increase in alcohol/substance abuse in my age group.  Looking into ways ICS can tap into this very crucial service when GP are not as accessible as before and places that support such cases do not meet the demand."

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If you would like to find out more about the Health & Advice project, please contact:

T: 0208 854 4466

The aim of our Advice and Health project is to provide advice, support and information to members of the Irish community in Bexley, Lewisham and Greenwich.

Our Advice workers can offer specialist advice and practical help in relation to benefits and entitlements for people under 55. We provide housing, employment and debt information, advice and support to those with health and wellbeing concerns.

We can also provide support, information and onward referral to individuals and their families facing mental health issues or the challenges of substance misuse.

If we can’t help you directly through our own services, Irish Community Services have strong relationships with other specialist organisations who may be able to offer more appropriate support. 


We will make appointments for you, or refer you to other agencies as required, but will also keep in contact to make sure you are receiving the help you need.