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Elders Outreach (Over 55's)

We offer a culturally sensitive service to older Irish people in our community who are often reluctant to access the services of other larger organisations.  Our experienced staff provide individual support with completing forms, accessing benefits and entitlements, pensions and passport issues, transport and housing.

KOMP No Isolation Project

The KOMP monitor is a brilliant one-button computer, simpler to use than any tablet or smartphone. Using an app on their own device, children, grandchildren and friends can share photos, messages and make video calls directly to the person viewing Komp's screen from anywhere in the world. We are delighted to be able to offer this to our members at a discounted price of £20 a month for a six month period.

With no wires, handsets or hassle, it is really easy to use and can be set up anywhere in your home. It can also be set up to give you reminders about taking medication and attending appointments or other events.


Please email or call 0208 854 4466 to find out more.

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