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Keeping Our Community Connected One Cake At a Time

It has been so amazing these past few weeks to be able to reintroduce events and gather everyone for a good time.

The fun kicked off with our Tea Dance at the start of October. Almost a month on, we have been able to offer weekly tea cake clubs, footcare services, pub meets, and more in addition to our longer running services such as walks, online activities, general support, and more.

We absolutely love delivering these events and services to you and, with Christmas around the corner, we want to go even harder for you guys. After last Chrirstmas' famous Christmas Hamper Delivery project, we certainly have a lot to beat this year.

With the support of Aviva, Irish Community Services has launched a fundraiser dedicated to delivering a wonderous Christmas to our community. If you can, a donation would be so greatly appreciated and would go such a long way. We are incredibly grateful to all of the support we receive from our amazing community all year round- it really makes all the difference.

To donate or for more information on our fundraiser, please visit:

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